We’re currently looking to add two new members to our video production company. Our ideal candidates are experienced in editing and cinematography, and are also comfortable and interested in producing/directing. Applications will be accepted from December 7, 2016 to January 6, 2017. Please read below for details and instructions on how to apply.


 Who We Are

The Meerkat Media Coop is a close-knit team of six filmmakers who collectively own and operate a small video production company based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We are one part of the Meerkat Media Collective, which also includes a Residency program for independent filmmakers (separate from the Coop). The Coop produces a wide range of media, including documentary features and commissioned short films for publishers, universities, news magazines and non-profits. Our work emphasizes narrative storytelling, visual craft, and a dedication to the highest production value. Check out samples of our work here.


 What We’re Looking For

Over the next few months, we’re hoping to invite two new filmmakers to join our team. We’re looking for folks with strong technical skills (ideally, a specialization in shooting and/or editing), as well as experience and interest in producing and directing.

Our ideal candidates will have 5+ years experience in their primary technical role and feel comfortable working professionally in their secondary role. They will be interested in working with a wide range of clients from diverse communities, many of whom are in alignment with social justice causes, and will be comfortable taking on a wide variety of creative, logistical and administrative tasks on any given project. Design skills and Spanish language skills are also a plus.

Most importantly, they will have an interest in owning and running a cooperative business, and will have the excellent communication, collaboration and interpersonal skills that are necessary for this kind of work.


Benefits, Responsibilities & Compensation

This not a traditional, salaried job. Rather, we have designed flexible positions that work for us, with specific responsibilities and benefits, outlined below:

  • Access to well-paid work on interesting projects. The amount of work available varies, but our members are usually able to work between half-time and full-time on Meerkat projects, depending on their skills and preferences. Last year, our members were able to earn an average of $60,000 through the Coop. (Note that all roles on projects are paid at the same, industry-standard day rate, regardless of project budget.)
  • Access to desk space at our office in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
  • Access to shared production and post-production equipment.
  • Right to participate in the decision-making process for all major decisions relating to the business, including how to spend any end-of-year surplus.
  • A health insurance stipend.
  • Right to continue working with other clients as desired.
  • Contribute to Meerkat projects as needed, in a variety of roles.
  • Attend three paid meetings per week, plus one full day meeting per month, where all management and governance decisions are made.
  • Respond to regular emails regarding Meerkat business in a timely manner throughout the week, even when working on other projects.
  • Contribute 4-8 hours of volunteer hours per month helping with the administrative work of running the business.
  • Bring your freelance client work in through Meerkat whenever appropriate.


Our Culture and Values

As members of a cooperative, we’re more than co-workers – we’re a community of artists who share a deep investment in continually improving the quality of the work we do, as well as the way we work together. We all specialize, however we also regularly trade off roles, including producing, in order to remain flexible for clients, and to encourage ourselves and each other to continue to grow creatively and develop new skills. We run our business by consensus, and each take on a variety of administrative and strategic tasks necessary for the day to day operations of the Coop. We seek to break down traditional power structures in our industry, and to be a positive model for others. We value democracy, cooperation, and equity, and attempt to center those values in our work.

We also share an office with the members of the Meerkat Media Residency program, who work on independent and collaborative film projects out of the space. The income brought in by the Coop helps to fund this Residency, and the two groups share resources. Application for our Residency is a separate process, which will be announced in Spring 2017.


 Candidacy Period

Before becoming a full member of the Coop, each new hire will begin with a 6-month candidacy period where you work regularly with us as an independent contractor and attend all meetings. During this time, you will be paid for your work, but will not have full voice in the decision-making process. After a successful candidacy period, each new member will be given the opportunity to officially become a member-owner of the Coop, and be eligible for profit-sharing. Given the time and labor-intensive nature of this process, we are looking for a 2-year commitment at minimum.


 How to Apply

If interested, please send your CV, cover letter, and multiple work samples, with brief notes explaining your role on each project, to production@meerkatmedia.org by January 6, 2017. People of color, queer, trans and gender-nonconforming people, people from poor and working class backgrounds, and women are encouraged to apply.