Meerkat Media is an Emmy nominated production company and a group of diverse, talented and award-winning filmmakers. 

We are skilled storytellers in long-form and short-form, and our work is always approached with a high level of creativity, empathy, and a deep commitment to visual craft.

We’re proud to be a cooperatively owned business, which means all our members share resources, perspectives, and profits, and that we prioritize equity of representation, both behind the camera and in our leadership structure. We care about how we work, with you and with each other so we always aim to cultivate a fun and collaborative work environment where everyone is respected and heard. Please say hi!

Alongside our co-operative production company is a collective of artists who contribute to and benefit from our shared resources while sustaining independent film and artistic practices.

Learn more about us in our Documentary Magazine cover story.

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Art21: Season 10
Art21: Season 10
A city with a history of more than two thousand years, Beijing has recently become the center of shifting politics,...