The Meerkat Media Worker Cooperative is a non-hierarchical  production company that produces artful and impactful documentary films, series, promotional and commercial projects.

Meerkat Media is located at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY. This position requires in-person attendance at our office.

Job Title: Production Manager

The Production Manager supports the growth of a 10 member worker-cooperative production company, producing a variety of short and long-form film and video projects.  Clients include Sesame Street, NatGeo, Nike, The New York Times, as well as nonprofits like the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Project Renewal and more.

Application deadline:
January 14th, 2022 11:59 EST

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Our ideal candidate: 

Our ideal candidate will be a highly experienced producer / production manager who has worked on a wide range of video projects, and is a strategic thinker who loves taking initiative.  The job involves supporting our growth through developing our client base, contributing input to refine and optimize our internal systems, and ensuring the smooth management of all of our projects, from pre-production to final delivery.  In addition, candidates should have a basic understanding of a cooperative business structure, and interest in collective arts spaces.

Hourly position: 

  • $80/hr + $300/month health stipend
  • 20-30 hours/week, with a guaranteed minimum of 15 paid hours/week ($60K annual)
  • Opportunity to scale up to 40+ hrs/week, at busy times

Job Responsibilities:

  • First point of contact with clients and cold calls
  • Search for RFPs and develop in-roads with new clients
  • Manage and bottom-line project bids (with input from producers/directors)
  • Manage freelancer database
  • Work with Coop members to create bids, decks, and pitch ideas
Production + Post Tasks as needed – tasks may include:
  • Draw up shooting schedules and estimate costs
  • Hire crews and contractors, and negotiate rates of pay
  • Negotiate costs and approve the booking of resources, equipment and suppliers
  • Supervise location bookings, and arrange any necessary permissions and risk assessments
  • Draft and send contracts
  • Keep production on schedule, and report progress to the project producer
  • Manage the production schedule and budget
  • Create and send call sheets
  • Supervise (with the project producer) that insurance, health and safety rules, copyright laws and union agreements (if necessary) are followed
  • Coordinate footage handoffs to editors
  • Create and manage internal and client delivery schedules, collate client feedback
  • Manage schedules and asset delivery from post vendors (composers, animators, etc)
  • Supervise final steps for budget and archiving, when a project is complete
  • Oversee member capacity / availability across projects
  • Track member schedules and notate hours worked, across projects
  • Support and input on any project needs or problem solving on client and creative side
  • Join Working Group meetings and give input and take on tasks as capacity allows

This is an optional worker-owner track position (to be assessed after 6 months), meaning that there may be an opportunity to join the cooperative in the future. In addition to financial compensation, we offer all worker-owners the following benefits:

  • Access to desk space at our office at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park
  • Access to shared production and post-production equipment, for use in independent projects
  • Access to paid family leave
  • Access to an internal projects fund, which gives small grants to worker-owners’ independent projects (when possible)
  • Access to a professional development fund (when possible)
  • A modest yearly bonus (when possible)

Women, people of color, queer, trans and gender nonconforming people, and people from poor and working class backgrounds, are strongly encouraged to apply. Any questions, please email

More information about cooperative structure, including  sample documents, can be found here.

Next Steps

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