Sesame Street in Communities Racial Justice Initiative

Sesame Street in Communities Racial Justice Initiative

January 17, 2023

About Project

An Emmy-nominated five-part doc series for the Racial Justice Initiative for Sesame Street in Communities, focusing on real families having difficult conversations about race. Meerkat Media produced the series entirely in-house, from casting to post-production, to create engaging, artful short films.

Watching other families have honest, age-appropriate conversations about race can help inspire new ideas for talking about these important topics at home. Visit @SesameStreetinCommunities to learn more: #ComingTogether

All 5 videos are linked individually below:

Series Producer: Sana A. Malik
Series Producer: Eric Phillips-Horst
Associate Producer: Ingrid Holmquist
Post-Production Producer: Jeff Sterrenberg
Post color and sound mix: Final Frame< Music composer: Karim Douaidy Sesame Street Supervising Producer: Beth Botshon VP Social Impact Content, Sesame Workshop: Rocio Galarza Maraña Family
Director: Lorena Alvarado
Editor: Sebastian Diaz Aguirre
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: Alex Mallis

Preston-Ogletree family
Director: Chinisha Scott
Editor: Alessandra Lacorazza
Sound: Vera Quispe
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: Bryan Chang

Lee Family
Director: Bryan Chang
Editor: Jessica Lee Salas
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: David Givens

Christofferson Family
Director: Sana A. Malik
Editor: Leah Galant
DP: Nora Ballard
AC: Jeff Sterrenberg
Sound: Avantika Nimbalker

Clute Family
Director: Katsitsionni Fox
Editor: Kyle Bell
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: Kristie Chua
Sound: Jonah Miles Prendergast

Dark Money
In Good Company – Nike Eyekonz