November 2, 2016

Documentary Feature | 2016 | 104 Minutes

Directed by David Feige

Produced, Edited & Photographed by Meerkat Media

When the most powerful lobbyist in Florida discovers that the nanny has sexually abused his daughter, he harnesses his extraordinary political power to pass the toughest sex offender laws in the nation. UNTOUCHABLE chronicles his crusade, and its impact on the lives of several of the 800,000 people forced to live under the kinds of laws he has championed. The film interweaves intimate portraits of men and women who have been branded sex offenders with the heartbreaking stories of those who have suffered sexual abuse. It is a film that pushes viewers toward an uncomfortable place, requiring them to walk in the shoes of those who have survived sexual abuse, but to still bear witness to the experiences of those we revile.

Awards and Screenings

WINNER – Best New Documentary Director – 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival
Berkshire International Film Festival
Milwuakee Film Festival
Tacoma Film Festival
Antenna Documentary Film Festival
New Orleans Film Festival
Stockholm Film Festival
Cork Film Festival
Facets Cinémathéque, Chicago


The film is a collaboration between Meerkat Media, public defender turned film Director David Feige, and Producer Rebecca Richman Cohen (War Don Don,Code of the West). 

The Meerkat team includes Co-Producer Adam Pogoff, Editor/Writer Jay Arthur Sterrenberg, Cinematographer Eric Phillips-Horst, Associate Editor Samin Pogoff, Animator Raj Kottamasu, and Additional Editors Bryan Chang, Zara Serabian-Arthur and Jeff Sterrenberg. Over a dozen additional Meerkats gave feedback in work-in-progress screenings.


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