National Geographic

National Geographic

October 19, 2018

A Viral Video Saved Her Father From Deportation

Short Documentary  |  2018 |  5 Minutes

Created in collaboration with National Geographic Magazine.

Edited by Zara Serabian-Arthur

Post-Produced by Eric Phillips-Horst

On February 28, 2017, 13-year-old Fatima Avelica watched her dad, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, be detained by immigration agents. She pulled out her phone and started recording. In the video, which went viral almost instantly, you can hear her sobbing. The family was instantly pushed into the spotlight, attending press conferences and rallies for the father’s release. This intimate and emotional piece shows how the family is coping, more than a year later.

Meerkat Media partnered with National Geographic for all post production on this project.

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