La Noche Buena

La Noche Buena

November 15, 2016

Short Narrative | 2015 | 17 Minutes

A young American tries to connect with a distant family acquaintance in Cuba but only alienates himself further. The film is the first American short narrative to be shot in Cuba since 1959.


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The film is based on a evening I experienced on my first visit to Cuba. My mother is Cuban, but I was raised in New Hampshire, so I always felt a certain disconnect between my upbringing and my heritage—I never exactly felt Latino. When I finally visited Cuba, the cultural, class, and language barriers set the stage for a series of failed connections. From that experience, I was inspired to make this film.

Awards & Screenings

Runner-up, Best Short
Chicago Latino FF

Official Selection:
New Orleans 2015
Atlanta 2015
IFF Boston 2015
Festival Internacional de Cine Nuevo Latinoamerica (Havana, Cuba)
Stockholm 2015
Huelva International Film Festival, Spain
Cinema Jove, Valencia
Havana Film Festival NY 2015
San Diego Latino 2015
Rhode Island 2015


Written and directed by Alex Mallis
Produced by Marina Fernandez Ferri
Co-directed by Lily Henderson
Cinematography by Ed David
Edited by Bryan Chang

Yerlin Perez
Alex Mallis
Emmy Harrington
Jordy Romero

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