City Lore: Artists in the Urban Classroom

City Lore: Artists in the Urban Classroom

June 26, 2020

City Lore | 2011 | 12 Minutes

A 12-minute commissioned film made with “City Lore” highlighting arts education in NYC. For this film, we took a longitudinal approach, spending 4 months documenting the residency of 1 teaching artist.

City Lore’s education programs engage youth, families, and educators in exploring the role of the arts and culture in their own lives and in the lives of others, encouraging youth to see the arts as a powerful means for expressing their ideas and for understanding the world around them.

Director –Jay Arthur Sterrenberg
Producers – Jay Arthur Sterrenberg, Tal Bar-Zemer
Editor – Jeff Sterrenberg
Cinematographer – Jay Arthur Sterrenberg

Rubin Museum
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