Jovon Outlaw

Jovon Outlaw was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. He is a graduate of the Purchase College Film Conservatory and holds a BFA in film production. Since graduating in 2014 he has worked as a Rental Technician at AbelCine, where he has gained invaluable technical knowledge and honed his camera skills. With this knowledge and practice mixed with his directing training at Purchase, Jovon uses any chance he can to work creatively (mostly on the weekends and after work…). Another personal side project I’ve taken on recently is training in improv theater. Over the past two years, I’ve immersed myself in this form of storytelling and have studied at both the Upright Citizens Brigade and Reckless Theatre. Improv has strengthened my shooting and directing skills by sharpening my social skills and enabling me to become more flexible and adaptable to new ideas on set. He’s been lucky to work on projects for CollegeHumor, NBC, Microsoft,, Josh Ruben, Micheal Almerayda, Celia-Rolwson-Hall, Kassia Miller, Chris Osborn, Eigil Bryld, Mitski, and Anu Valia. Filmmaking has even offered him the chance to travel to Kenya to shoot a documentary and to Hawaii, to work on a short film. Many of these projects done while working full time at AbelCine. His main goals in filmmaking are to be able to learn everyday, collaborate with people, and make films that resonate emotionally.