Alexis Powell

Alexis Powell is a multidisciplinary performer, artist and and creative arts therapist.  She makes original work with her ensemble, Hearsay & Hyperbole (OK GURGLE, All Them That Weave The Wind, An Invitation to Sleep, Thank You For Calling), which utilizes arts-based methods to analyze and respond to a research question or deep curiosity about human connection and communication. She was recently commissioned by NYU’s Theatre and Health Lab to devise and direct Not For Resale (co-written with Jess Barbagallo) which explores the commodification of queer culture. A regular collaborator with Sibyl Kempson, Alexis has composed and performed music in 12 Shouts to the Ten Forgotten Heavens at the Whitney Museum, Sasquatch Rituals at The Kitchen, and is a current member of the 7Daughter’s monthly FemAnimism congregation. She is the recipient of the 2013 Danish Visiting Artist Residency and a 2015 Brooklyn Arts Council grant for “An Invitation to Sleep”, the 2018 NADTA Performance Award for “Not For Resale”, and a 2019 Brooklyn Arts Council grant for “OK GURGLE”. She is a founding member of the Meerkat Media Collective.