Visual Human Project

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Visual Human Project

Short Documentary  |  2018 |  18 Minutes

Created in collaboration with National Geographic Magazine.

Edited by Zara Serabian-Arthur
Filmed by Eric Phillips-Horst, Jeff Sterrenberg, and Bryan Chang
Post-Produced by Eric Phillips-Horst

Susan Potter knew in exquisite and grisly detail what was going to happen to her body after death. It seems that for the last 15 years of her life, she lived for Vic Spitzer, the scientist committed to fulfilling her dream of helping medical students become compassionate doctors. For the past 16 years, National Geographic has followed Potter’s life and death and her 3D resurrection to the highest resolution. Experience the interactive story featured in the special single-topic January 2019 issue.

Meerkat Media partnered with National Geographic to film and edit this project.