Sesame Street in Communities Racial Justice Initiative

Category: Documentary Series



 A five-part doc series for Sesame Street in Communities Racial Justice Initiative that focuses on real families having difficult conversations about race. Meerkat Media took care of full production for these videos from casting to post-production resulting in engaging, artful short films. Watching other families have honest, age-appropriate conversations about race can help inspire new ideas for talking about these important topics at home. Visit @SesameStreetinCommunities to learn more: #ComingTogether
Series Co-Producers: Sana A. Malik and Eric Phillips-Horst
Associate Producer: Ingrid Holmquist
Post-producer: Jeff Sterrenberg
Post color and sound mix: Final Frame
Music composer: Karim Douaidy
Sesame Street Producer: Beth Botshon
Maraña Family
Director: Lorena Alvarado
Editor: Sebastian Diaz Aguirre
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: Alex Mallis
Preston-Ogletree family
Director: Chinisha Scott
Editor: Alessandra Lacorazza
Sound: Vera Quispe
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: Bryan Chang
Lee Family
Director: Bryan Chang
Editor: Jessica Lee Salas
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: David Givens
Christofferson Family
Director: Sana A. Malik
Editor: Leah Galant
DP: Nora Ballard
AC: Jeff Sterrenberg
Sound: Avantika Nimbalker
Clute Family
Director: Katsitsionni Fox
Editor: Kyle Bell
DP: Eric Phillips-Horst
AC: Kristie Chua
Sound: Jonah Miles Prendergast