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Direct Democracy at Occupy Wall Street

Short Documentary | 2011 | 8 Minutes

A look into the “HOW” of the Occupy Wall Street movement: the consensus process.

The community of occupiers at Liberty Plaza have sparked the process of building a movement that now transcends any one physical landmark. The tools to keep the movement alive belong to all of us.

We have been using consensus process in our filmmaking over the last six years and found ourselves in a unique position to be able to create this video.  It was put together in 4 days and first published on October 13th, during the third week of the occupation.


Anti Oppressive Facilitation Guide –

Occupy Wall Street  –

Production Team

Bryan Chang
Eric Phillips-Horst
Jay Arthur Sterrenberg
Jeff Sterrenberg
Jesse Hensel
Karim Tabbaa
Marie Mounteer
Nathan Storey
Russell Brandom
Sam Stein
Tal Bar-Zemer
Zara Serabian-Arthur