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Apply for the Meerkat Media Residency

Meerkat Media is looking for new members in residence to join our collective for the 2018-2019 cycle. The work and resources of the collective are primarily focused on video production, but artists in other media who are able to make robust use of our resources and contributions to our community are also encouraged to apply.


About the Meerkat Media Collective

Meerkat Media Collective is an artistic community committed to sharing resources and skills to incubate individual and shared creative work. Over the last 13 years, the collective has produced multiple feature documentaries, fiction films, music videos and dozens of artful short films while prioritizing a collaborative process that values diverse experience and expertise. We support thoughtful and provocative stories that reflect a complex world.

See samples of our work.


About the Residency

Meerkats in Residence are a dedicated group of artists that are actively developing or working on projects (individually or collaboratively) and are supported by the collective resources, based in our work space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Residents provide mutual aid for one another’s projects and artistic development, receive a monetary stipend determined through an annual budgeting process (this year’s stipend is $1000, distributed in two $500 distributions across the year), have access to production and post-production equipment, and attend an annual creative retreat.

This residency program is different from other residencies. This is a close knit, self-governed community which bears primary responsibility for decision-making and operation of the Collective. Residents participate in a group facilitation training, are part of at least two working groups which each meet monthly, and are expected to attend four quarterly meetings each year with the full Collective. Newly recruited residents will join residents continuing on from previous years. Participating in a one year residency cycle is the first step of membership for anyone interested in joining the Meerkat Media Collective. General membership, with more limited commitments and benefits, is available to all previous residents.

This residency will begin in June 2018 and run through June 2019. We ask that applicants apply with a project/s they are currently working on, at whatever stage, and would like to continue developing over the course of the year. Along with a desire to support projects and artists we believe in and can imagine collaborating with, we are prioritizing greater racial, gender, class, and cultural diversity among our membership. Artists ages 21 and up are encouraged to apply. We are committed to combating institutionalized biases that exist in our industry and beyond.


Applications are due by 11:59pm on Friday, May 4th.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Meet ‘n’ Greet on Saturday, June 2nd. New residents will be welcomed by June 8th.


Questions? Email